About Us

Welcome to our world of luxury bespoke travel…

We invite you to try an entirely different way of vacationing. Our tours are not just ‘getting away from it all holidays” but discoveries of peoples and lands, of cultures and customs, of relationships and even yourself. A holiday, where you decide where to go, when to go, how much to do, and how much to rest?

All our bespoke travels are handled by knowledgeable travel specialists who are available from the moment you begin thinking about where you want to go until your trip concludes. Before you leave, you will work closely with one of our experts to design an absolutely perfect itinerary that includes compelling, well-planned touring and the very best accommodations. We have spent over twenty years in the travel industry, and we continue to travel to find that unexplored virgin beach in the Seychelles, the perfect sunset on Juan Les Pins, the most scrumptious ‘pain au chocolat’ in all of Paris, or the only underwater spa in the world. We have spent the better part of our lives travelling and continue to do so to make your experiences richer, and more colourful.

Pampering yourself is part of the holiday experience and we understand the need to return to luxurious accommodations after a day of sightseeing or fun filled activity. Our accommodation suggestions are based on your individual needs and preferences. Need some privacy? We’ll book you an island of your own! Want to watch the Monte Carlo Grand Prix? How about a suite overlooking the Monte Carlo Casino Square! Looking for a luxury get away? The lake Palace hotel at Udaipur will make you feel like you’re a Maharajah!

A holiday is all about unwinding, pampering, being one with yourself. Make use of our pre booking service for your spa treatments, so you aren’t disappointed at the last minute. Rose petal turndown service, sunset serenades over supper, or a barbeque on the beach can all be specially arranged for your pleasure.

Private Luxury Escapes