Celebrity Hideaways

Sometimes when you go on holiday, privacy is as important as luxury. A place to get away from it all, a place to be yourself, to unwind, to be with your loved ones, and just to be. That’s when you want a hideaway of your own. A place where you can have solitude, privacy, and total luxury. A beach where you can trace your footsteps, a cove that you can call your own, a sunset that you share only with your loved ones. All these and more can be yours when you choose from one of our carefully selected bouquet of celebrity homes, hideaways and island for just you and your special friends. What’s good enough for David Copperfield, Ian Fleming, Donald Trump, Michael Douglas, Richard Branson and Mick Jagger, should be reference enough to tempt you to stay at one of their celebrity homes for your next holiday. You’ll find an entirely different kind of disappearing act at David Copperfield’s private-island resort. Located in the pristine waters of the secluded Exuma chain in the southern Bahamas, Musha Cay is so exclusive that you choose the additional guests. It’s just 45 minutes from Miami in a magical white-sand world all its own. Sir Richard Branson’s favorite British Virgin Islands hideaway is so romantic, the billionaire balloonist tied the knot here himself. Necker is 74 acres of hiking, swimming, or doing absolutely nothing in utter privacy; the island’s three houses were custom built in another tropical paradise, Bali, and their open-plan rooms redefine the concept of 360 degree ocean views. High on a ridge on Jamaica’s north shore, overlooking Caribbean waters and surrounded by tropical forests, sits an 18-acre retreat recently named one of the 25 Sexiest Places on the Planet (GQ Magazine). James Bond whose creator, Ian Fleming, called Goldeneye home would approve of what music mogul Chris Blackwell has done to the place since taking over. The Golden Eye Island outpost is available for rental for the select few who can afford it. Rental listings for Mick Jagger’s utterly serene, Japanese-style residence on the island of Mustique, the Grenadines, neglect to mention that he owns the place. That only seems to add to the relaxed ambience of the dream villa where, for roughly $16,000 a week, you can dine, eat, bathe, and relax like a rock star who apparently does get some satisfaction now and then! These and many more celebrity homes can be yours for the holidays. Just call us to let us know where you would like to go, when and or how long.

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