Classic Private Tours

Our classic tours are country specific itineraries designed to see and experience the best the destination has to offer. They offer an insight into the sights, sounds, smells, culture and people of that country, without assaulting the senses. Each itinerary is well researched, planned and spaced out to ensure you never feel rushed. Each day brings with it new experiences, a new understanding of cultures and peoples and perhaps even new friends.

The essence of private travel is you, and your desires. That’s a concept which carries throughout every detail of your itinerary – your choice of hotels, how much you want to see and experience and how much you want to do in a day. We encourage you to discuss with us your interests, desires, pace, and thoughts on what you would like from your holiday so we can make it that much more special. Literally anything is possible! Ask about our special portfolio of activities and services that can make each day unique and just you! Whether its hot air ballooning, champagne at sunset on the beach, your private grill by the pool, your favorite cocktail before dinner every night, pre booked spa treatments, or even a personal shopper, let us make your fantasies come alive.

We believe after a day experiencing the different, you want to come back to a place that feels like ‘Home’. We are committed to finding “the best” accommodations to suit your style, those that are uniquely right for you, the season, and the destination.

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